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Saratoga Acquires NACC - Networking Division

Saratoga Acquisition

NACC - Networking Division

Dear Valued Customer,

We have some exciting news to tell you about. We value you and your relationship and would like to thank you for your continued business.

NACC- Networking Division and Saratoga Technologies are joining forces. We have already begun the process of merging our businesses together. The process will be swift and painless and will feature a host of new benefits for you, our valued customer. Now this may raise all kinds of questions so we would like to allay any fears you may have by answering some of the most common ones right now.

  • Is Saratoga Technologies going to honor the service contract, service agreement, service plan or other agreement(s) that I may have now with NACC? - YES. Any current agreement you are under will be honored both in price and service level for the term you have signed for.
  • What is happening to the staff of NACC- Networking Division? – All of the current NACC networking support staff are joining Saratoga, including Steve, Shawn, David, Trent and Michael. They will continue to take excellent care of you. The great news is that they will now be supplemented by the Saratoga team!
  • Will you be moving your offices? – YES. We will merge into the Saratoga Technologies office located at 101 Med Tech Parkway, Suite 307, Johnson City, TN 37604. We will continue to fully serve and support the entire Tri-Cities, TN/VA market with our complete offering of on-site services. Please check out for more information on our locations and service area.
  • So what is Richie Torbett and the rest of his cabling team going to be doing? Richie will be continuing to run and further develop the cabling division of NACC. He will be trading under a new name and have new contact details (except his cell phone remains unchanged) BUT they will operate out of the current NACC location. They will not be providing any network, software, computer, printing or related services and they will be working with Saratoga on joint projects. Richie Torbett may be reached at 423-430-9800

Now that you know and hopefully your immediate questions have been answered you may be asking yourself why? Why merge with Saratoga? What’s in it for NACC? What’s in it for me? These are great questions and we want to take some time to answer them.

We wanted to provide our customers with several things only a company of Saratoga Technologies breadth and depth could provide, such as 24/7 support, extraordinary purchasing power which ultimately gives you more for your money, complete business solutions, total printing solutions, cloud solutions, and increased software development and much more. By merging the NACC networking division into Saratoga we are looking to enhance Saratoga’s ability to further meet your needs. This merger and ongoing relationship also allows the cabling division of NACC to be able to focus on that area and become the premier cabling company in the area under Richie Torbett’s leadership.

We are excited for you, our customer, because of the new products and services that will be made available to you. We will have technical, sales and service resources than are currently not available at NACC and that means faster response times, less down-time and better service; not to mention the addition of three new divisions that NACC is only providing in a limited way. We want to emphasize the fact that the level of service our customers are accustomed to will not diminish, in fact it will only improve. Here is an overview of what Saratoga offers: