Today, take a few minutes to sit quietly and just be thankful for all that you have. 

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Leaving Laptops in Hotel Rooms; A Bad Idea

Did you know: that leaving your laptop in a hotel room may not be such a wise idea? Check out this article.

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Take your business on the road with Office 365

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Password Probs?

Did you know: the average person has 19 different passwords to remember? There is no wonder we use the same password for multiple sites. Protect yourself while on the web. Use a unique password for each site that consists of letters, numbers, and symbols.

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Saratoga Printing Technician Awarded Ricoh Prestige Certification

Johnson City, TN – (September 23, 2015) – Saratoga Technologies announced today that Randy Fox has achieved Ricoh Prestige Certification. To earn Ricoh Prestige Certification status, Randy had to achieve above standard levels in Solutions Training, Prestige Level 2 Certifications, and Customer Satisfaction Measures. Saratoga was pleased to announce that Randy Fox attained these goals and was one of 90 that achieved this certification out of over 2,000 that attempted the exam.

“Our goal is to be the leading print management resource for any business that needs pricing, installation, support or maintenance. We offer excellent managed print solutions to fit the needs of any business.” said David Temple, CEO and General Manager of Saratoga's Printing Division.

As a Ricoh Prestige Certified dealer Saratoga Technologies demonstrates service excellence through their well trained and knowledgeable staff. They meet the customer where they are at, and lead them into the future.

About Saratoga Technologies:

Saratoga Technologies is a technology solutions company that offers products, software, services and solutions in the information technology industry and is focused on enabling their customers to benefit from technology. Having offices in Johnson City and Knoxville, TN as well as Abingdon, VA, Saratoga specializes in managed computer networking services, server support and repair, laptop repair, disaster recovery, computer repair, network security, printer and copier repair, print management, telephone systems, voice over IP (VoIP), structured cabling services, phone bill auditing, video conferencing, computer consulting services, accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, document imaging and management, web design, email hosting, web hosting, spam filtering, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, internet online backup, hosted exchange, application development, database programming and other technical services.

For information on careers at Saratoga Technologies please visit:


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Got Clutter?

Did you know: that by keeping the desktop of your computer clear and uncluttered you can help make your system run fast and smooth?

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Did you know: that by enabling the Click-to-Play plug-ins in your browser you can better protect yourself from "Malvertising"? When you visit a web page containing a Flash or Java object, it won’t automatically run until you click it. Almost all "Malvertising" use these plug-ins. Find out how to enable your Click-to-Play plug in here:

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Did you know: that moving to the cloud isn't just for data, you can move your telephone system and even your wireless to the cloud as well? For more information on these cost saving solutions contact us at


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Windows Key

Did you know: that the Windows logo key on your keyboard can be used for several different functions? Press it with F for Find, with D to see the desktop with all windows hidden, or with L to Lock your screen.

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Too good to be true?

Did you know: that if it sounds too good to be true it likely is? Scammers try to take advantage and exploit our curiosities all the time….it’s their job. Ask yourself before following a link or responding to an email that has an offer “Does this seem just a bit too good to be true?” If in doubt ask an expert.

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